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If you are interested in trading commodity futures and options, you have come to the right place. Not all brokerages are the same. Choosing a commodity broker that you are comfortable with is the first important decision that you make as an investor. Whether you are new to the markets or a seasoned veteran, we offer a unique blend of products, and personalized services that are unmatched in the industry. Check out our free demo futures trading account.

Van Commodities, Inc.

Our goal is to provide top quality, full-service futures, and option on futures, brokerage services to our clients worldwide. Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals who make themselves available to respond to special requests, discuss specific trading strategies, and update you on current market conditions. We offer strategic positioning advice, day trading support, real time market monitoring, and rapid order execution – all at competitive commission rates.

In today's rapidly changing economic environment, there are few investment vehicles that can match the leverage, and liquidity of futures contracts on the regulated commodity exchanges. These products can provide you with the opportunity to diversify your portfolio into markets as varied as: gold, oil, corn, cattle, and foreign currencies. Let us provide you with the advice and service that you need to trade these very exciting markets. There is risk involved in trading futures, and options on futures; however, the final decision as to how to invest is always yours!

R.J.O'Brien & Associates, LLC

Van Commodities, Inc. is a guaranteed introducing brokerage of R.J. O’Brien & Associates, LLC (RJO). RJO was founded in 1914, and is the largest independent futures brokerage in the United States. RJO holds client assets of approximately $2 billion, and serves over 80,000 clients. RJO has the latest order entry technology, and the ability to clear and/or execute any futures product globally. That is why we rely on RJO as a partner in serving you.







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Commodity trading is not suitable for everyone. There is substantial risk involved in trading these markets.

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